Social Security Benefits

social-securityAre you or a loved one unable to work because of a disability? Has the government rejected your application for Social Security Disability benefits? You are not alone.

Social Security Disability denies benefits to nearly 7 in 10 people who submit initial applications. Once you’ve been denied, the clock starts ticking. You have 60 days to file your appeal and begin a process that could require you to submit documentation, answer questions or attend a hearing in order to have your claim approved.

You could go through the SSDI appeals process alone, but you have a right to legal representation. People with representation are usually awarded at least 3 to 5 times as much as those without representation, according to a government study.

SSDI attorneys are lawyers who often work exclusively on Social Security cases. They may have a strong understanding of the appeals process, including what deadlines need to be met and what information should be submitted.
Many SSDI attorneys offer free consultations, and in some cases, you may pay them only if you win your appeal.

If you meet SSDI eligibility criteria, you are entitled to disability benefits. Talk to an SSDI attorney today to learn more about what steps to take to get the money that may be owed to you.

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