Other Case Types

dangerous-drugsThere are certain moments in life when you may not want to be standing alone. Moments such as negotiating a divorce settlement, arguing for custody of your children or additional parenting time, or facing criminal charges.

These are times when you could head to court on your own, but why would you want to?

A family law or criminal attorney can be a trusted ally during stressful cases involving divorce, child custody or criminal charges. Your lawyer may be able to:

  • Understand and counter an opposing attorney’s tactics.
  • Steer you away from a poor settlement or plea deal.
  • Save you time and money by wrapping up proceedings quickly.
  • Get you out of the courtroom and on with your life as fast as possible.

There are no guarantees as to what a criminal or family law attorney can do for you, but many lawyers offer a free initial consultation that can help you understand your legal options. To make the most of this free consultation, collect all the information and documentation relevant to your case and bring it with you. Don’t be afraid to interview several attorneys to find the right fit for your case and personality.

You could walk into a courtroom or mediation room alone, but wouldn’t you rather have someone else there who’s on your side?

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