Birth Injury

birth-injuryDoes your child have Cerebral Palsy or did he or she experience a birth injury?

If so, you likely know the challenges of raising a child with special needs. Although nothing can take away from the love and joy your child brings, it isn’t always easy to raise a son or daughter with physical or mental limitations.

Having a child with cerebral palsy or another birth injury can be both expensive and stressful. It can result in: lost time from work, lifelong medical bills, change in lifestyle, and emotional pain and suffering.

Each year, approximately 10,000 babies are born with cerebral palsy, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the cause of many cases is unknown, some instances may be linked to doctor errors. In fact, one study found nearly half of all birth trauma could be avoided if risk factors were recognized and anticipated.

While most doctors work hard to ensure their patients’ safety, some cases of birth trauma may be caused by negligence or medical malpractice. If you think your child was a victim of preventable medical mistakes, talk to a birth injuries lawyer. These professionals can evaluate your situation and provide a personal recommendation regarding legal action.

If someone else is responsible for your child’s disability, under the law, you may be entitled to monetary compensation to help pay for these and other expenses. However, many states have a statute of limitations for legal action in cases of birth injuries. If you wait too long, you may miss your chance to be legally compensated.

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