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Andy Sweet - Founder, Director of Online Media

Andy Sweet is Founder and Director of Online Media at LegalDirect where he manages all the digital aspects of the agency’s campaigns including paid search, social retargeting, landing page set up and digital marketing technology oversight.  Andy’s online campaigns target, attract and convert new clients for law firms.

He has managed online marketing campaigns for over 20+ years and is a leader in the B2C online lead generation space.  He knows the importance of using digital technology to attract new clients and drive business for law firms.  With 15 of his 20 years’ experience is in the legal space, Andy knows how to drive inbound new client leads in a cost-efficient manner to help law firms get more value and greater returns for their marketing dollar.


”The internet can be used to match the right law firm with the right client.  The ability to target, analyze and segment audiences is unparalleled, thereby allowing the advertising law firm to maximize their marketing dollar.”

Previously, Andy worked as Director of Web Marketing for Kyros Law Group and as Web Manager for Sokolove Law, the largest legal marketer in the US.   Over the years, Andy has managed advertising campaigns in some of the most competitive legal segments on the web, from efforts to generate local auto accident cases to efforts to generate Mesothelioma and Asbestos-related disease cases. Andy’s campaigns have generated thousands of retained cases for his clients. Additionally, Andy’s well-regarded ability to detect click fraud puts him at the front of internet legal marketers.

Andy is certified in both Google and Microsoft’s advertising professional programs and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and the Financial Times about internet marketing.

Andy received his BA in Psychology from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Daniel Diamond - Director of Offline Media

Daniel Diamond is the Director of Offline Media at LegalDirect and manages all TV media planning, negotiating and TV media buying for the agency.  He is a Direct Response Television Leader who creates marketing campaigns that generate inbound responses from consumers to help grow each client’s business.

Daniel believes that the best marketing campaigns are those that can hit the potential customer via all media types – not just with traditional DRTV tactics.


“The most successful marketing campaigns are those that are integrated. The TV advertising landscape is evolving. To account for today’s multi-screen consumer behaviors, I believe DRTV should work in conjunction with a client’s digital campaign. DRTV will educate customers of a client’s services, drive customers to contact a client directly and also drive customers to the web where they continue to learn about the client’s services   Having a fully integrated offline to online campaign is critical for campaign success in today media landscape.”


Prior to joining Legal Direct, Daniel launched his own marketing firm, Abbatt Media Solutions.  Abbatt Media provided lead gen marketing through DRTV and affiliate marketing channels to small and medium sized B2C companies in the Structured Settlement, Legal Mass Tort, and Addiction Recovery spaces.

Additionally, He spent over 20 years working for Mercury Media, where he became the youngest VP in the company’s history.  While there he helped Mercury grow from a simple DRTV Product Marketer to the largest Independent DRTV Agency in the U.S.  He worked on campaigns for Triplege Wipers, Lifelock, Conair, Mandalay Bay and the famous Ginsu Knives campaign.    Daniel was then recruited by Sokolove Law to first bring all media planning and buying capabilities in-house and then spin out a full-service direct response ad agency, d50 Media.

Daniel has over 25 years of hands-on experience at all levels of the DRTV campaign process.  His knowledge and expertise spans from strategic media planning, media research, media buying and campaign management to telemarketing, traffic and offline media operations.

Outside of Legal Direct, Daniel is active in Town Government, currently serving a 2nd elected term.

Daniel holds a BSBA in Marketing from Columbia Southern University.

Scott Lafferty - Strategic Adviser

Scott D. Lafferty is a Strategic Advisor for LegalDirect.  Scott helps LegalDirect reach its vision of becoming the leader in multi-channel, multi-touch direct response marketing in the consumer law firm space.

In addition to his role at LegalDirect, Scott is the Founder and CEO of Compass Growth Partners, a consulting firm that helps small and medium size law firms generate new client leads and then helps firms turn their leads into clients.

Prior to founding Compass Growth Partners, Scott was the Director of Marketing Operations at d50 Media, a full-service direct response ad agency, he was the Managing Director of Lead Beacon, a lead generation affiliate marketing company, and held various marketing and operations positions over a 10-year span at Sokolove Law, the largest legal marketer and client retention firm in the US.

As a seasoned executive in the customer acquisition space for B2C service providers, Scott understands the challenges business owners face when trying to grow by acquiring new customers.


“I am inspired by Entrepreneurs.  I love working with Entrepreneurs who want to achieve rapid growth of their businesses.  When a company’s growth plan, team, service offerings, systems, processes, and measurement plans are aligned, something magical can happen where rapid growth is achieved.”


Scott has helped many firms reach their growth goals by managing their lead generation marketing efforts, conducting new product feasibility analysis, executing go-to-market plans, drafting actionable business plans for corporate entrepreneurial ventures, and leading process changes within organizations.

Scott and the Compass Growth Partners team have recently created a Growth Roadmap Program derived from proven processes to achieve rapid growth and hands-on experience of managing growth within law firms.  While at d50 Media, he led the creation a sophisticated multi-channel, multi-touch marketing attribution and analytics platform that links clients’ offline, through-funnel transaction data to the marketing activities that prospects interacted with. This attribution model allows channel teams to quickly identify patterns along the customer journey and optimize a campaign for maximum ROI.

In addition to managing his consulting business and other ventures, Scott is a Level 200 Aerial Coach for the Mount Snow Freestyle Ski team.

Scott holds a Master of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Studies from the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications from the University of Connecticut.