Consumer behavior has changed.  It is time to change the way your media buys are managed.

Consumer behavior has radically changed over the past few years. People are on multiple screens, multiple times a day gathering information, doing research and checking out digital storefronts while you’re marketing to them. They move from TV screen to phone screen to tablet screen to laptop screen constantly, even looking at two screens at the same time.

To efficiently reach your prospective clients you must be in front of them in the channels they use, when they use them. Many marketers see this as a huge challenge. We saw this as an opportunity and we’ve built the only single-solution campaign program that breaks down silo between the big three channels and allows you to take advantage of consumer’s multi-screen, multi-channel, multi-touch behaviors.

In our campaigns, our channels feed off each other. This results in your ability to generate more leads from your marketing budget.

Here is how our system works

 Step 1: Educate your prospects:

Educate prospects about your brand and service through mass media. We place media in traditional channels such as National cable TV, local broadcast TV or even direct mail.

The creative will have a call-to-action and 3 response mechanisms: call a phone number, go to a website or search for a specific term.

 Step 2: Get in front of them online when they search:

Here is where the underlying magic begins.  Consumers are on multiple screens searching online. In the critical minutes during and after your ad runs, you must reinforce your messages and guard your brand. In our campaigns, media efforts are coordinate. We increase your bids on the specific marketing messages used in your mass media efforts during that critical window when your prospective clients are searching for you.

We then drive traffic to a designated site that has content and messaging consistent with your mass media effort.

 Step 3: Get close (almost too close) to prospects and maximize conversions:

Consumers need reinforcement and encouragement to engage. We get closer to your prospects and maximize conversions through Facebook Paid Social and Social Re-marketing efforts. Our social ads are triggered to launch at the same time as your paid search ads.  We serve up 10 second segments of the TV commercial on Facebook to display a consistent message.

Additionally we re-target consumers on Facebook for a window of time to bring prospects back to the top of the funnel.


Our multi-channel multi-touch campaign program

Our Multi-channel multi-touch campaigns communicate your messages and keep your messages in front of your prospective clients in the mediums they use, when they use them. We know consumers engage in different mediums at different times and for different purposes. They watch TV for entertainment, they search Google for information, and engage in social media to stay on top of what is meaningful to them.

We’ve created a campaign system that brings together traditional mass media push marketing strategies such as TV advertising + information seeking behaviors such as searching on Google + consumers’ social media consumption patterns.

The combination of all three marketing efforts working cohesively together and not in silos results in your ability to attract more prospects – making your marketing efforts more efficient and effective.



LegalDirect’s multi-channel multi-touch campaigns combine the top 3 marketing efforts into one campaign. When you can take advantage of channels working together you maximize your marketing investment and generate more qualified prospects.