About Us

Who we are:  We are a team of …

  • Entrepreneurs; so we understand what it is like to go nights without sleep, worry about firm growth, and dedicate all you have to growing your business.
  • B2C Lead generation direct response marketers; We’ve all been in this legal lead generation space for 15+ years.
  • Channel level operators We’ve manage some of the largest multi-channel, multi-touch legal lead generation campaigns in the US – from managing national direct response TV campaigns, to localized paid search efforts, to paid social retargeting.
  • Close-knit group of professionals; We’ve spent countless hours managing and optimizing campaigns together.


  • Marc Stern – Strategy Advisor
  • Scott Lafferty – Director of Marketing Operations and Analytics
  • Daniel Diamond – Director of Offline Media
  • Andrew Sweet – Director of Online Media

Highlighted Projects

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